cartoon workshops

Fun and creative cartoon workshops for schools, community groups, wellbeing sessions and business events within the UK. Cartoon studio is based in Newcastle / Stoke, Staffordshire.

UK Cartoonist Chris Altham

Our cartoon workshops teach people of all ages the skills to create amazing cartoons for themselves. How to draw cartoons‘ is explained in easy to follow steps. Classes are interactive, fun and packed full of tips to take away to begin your cartooning adventure!

Cartoon Workshops in Schools

Children learn valuable skills and tips to create their own amazing cartoons with enhanced benefits to other areas of learning and home life. Drawing is an important way to express feelings and also relax.

Community Group Cartoon Workshops

If you’re after a workshop for people of all ages to get involved with, then Chris Altham’s cartoon workshops tick the box. He proves to those who say ‘I can’t draw’ that they infact can.

Health and Wellbeing Cartoon Workshops

Drawing, painting and certainly cartooning are all known for being a great way to relax and destress. These cartoon workshops can be taken at a pace that suites the group on the day.

Cartoon Workshops for Businesses & Staff

Take those office doodles to a higher level. Great for destressing and for team building. Also learn valuable skills for flip chart and digital presentations that help tell a story and grab the attention.

how to draw cartoons

Sketch ideas to show the transition between walking to running.

how to draw cartoons

What to do with a box? Ideas to illustrate using depth, width and outside the box.

Cartoon Workshops in Schools

Our cartoon workshops teach children the skills to create amazing cartoons for themselves. From each class, the child will take away lots of tips on how to draw; expressions, movement, speed. Plus ideas on spatial awareness and so much more!

Cartoon Workshops in Schools

One of the best ways for children to express themselves is through the art of drawing. The aim of the cartoon workshops is to; promote encouragement, nurture creativity and build self-esteem and sefl-confidence that flows seemlessly into other areas of home and school life for years to come.

Areas of cartooning we cover within class:

Expression & Stance / Shading & Form / Spatial Awareness / Fonts & Speech Bubbles / Comic Design

Cartoon Workshops from think blink

are a fun, structured, exciting and inclusive way for children to explore their own creativity with the help and guidance from UK Professional cartoonist Chris who has over 34 years experience generating commercial work for clients around the world.

It is as a privilege for me to pass on tips, ideas and my enthusiam to the next generation of budding artists.

Chris Altham

It’s natural for children from a very early age to communicate through scribbles, doodles and drawings.

Cartooning is a great classroom leveller plus a brilliant way for kids to interact with others through the sharing of ideas, tips, art equipment, plus admiration and appreciation for each others work.

Cartoon Workshops Girls Skipping
Cartoon Workshops Girls Playing Hoola Hoops
Cartoon Workshops kids playing football

A typical cartoon workshop…

After a short introduction and handout of art equipment (if required), for the next hour Chris will show the class many easy to follow techniques for cartooning, such as how to draw expressions, how to draw eyes, noses and lots of mouths, how to add all of those little extras to exagerate a character; laughing and crying, being angry, being kind, or bored, or happy, or anxious, confused, worried, excited.

Tracing is one of the many suggestions we recommend. If the child doesn’t have a light box or tracing paper, a good alternative is to tape both sheets to an uponenable window. Tracing is great for getting a feel of how others have drawn and also for refining their own work.

Cartoon Workshops for Children

The classroom workshops can cover techniques on creating form for objects using shading and movement lines to emphasise speed, amongst other techniques.

Shading techniques help to illustrate the shape and form of a ball, movement lines to show that ball travelling at speed and then a mix of the two techniques to illustrate the ball bouncing as it hits the ground. Other useful tips show how to create the illusion of hovering such as a spacecraft by simple use of shadow and ‘space’… as the spaceship hovers higher the shadow is smaller and as it comes in to land that shadow increases in size.

We also cover the use of depth and spatial awareness. Some may see a flat piece of paper and it’s limited area to draw within, but we explore looking past those constraints and the creation of scenes that stretch for miles into the distance with 3D effects.

Another area we cover is the use of 2D and 3D fonts plus speech bubbles, POW! and ZAP! flashes, to add even more excitement and interest to the drawings.

Time permitting, a fun drawing game of ‘pass the paper’ gets the children to be ‘quick on the draw’, where each child draws a different part of a character and passses it on to the next child until the character is complete.

Throughout the cartoon workshop, Chris reviews the work of the children and offers  suggestions, encouragement and praise for their achievements in class.

The aim of our cartoon workshops is not to create a few copied cartoons by the end of the class, but to give the children lots of techniques to take away and develop into their own drawings for years to come.

The cost for booking a cartoon workshop

Prices are based upon – providing educational cartoon art workshops ‘in School’.

1Hour = £145

2 Hours = £245

3 Hours = £300

Up to 5 Hours = £450

*Travel expenses may apply depending upon distance from our studio to your school, but these costs will be confirmed prior to any booking.

Benefits to the child

Enhances Creativity

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Improves Hand to Eye Coordination

Encourages Visual Analysis

Nurtures Communication Skills

Boosts Self-Esteem

Boosts Self-Confidence

Reduces Stress

Helps to Express Emotions, Thoughts and Experiences

Promotes Spatial Awareness

Helps Concentration

Inspires an ‘I can draw’ attitude

Benefits to the school

Very cost effective tuition per child as classes of up to 30 children can be accomodated.

Learning is condenced with plenty to take away for each child to use in other subjects and at home.

In School Cartoon Workshops
School Gardening Club Cartoon
pencil characters depictingprobelsm of not using right tools
Cartoon Workshops in Schools Kids on Balance Play Equipment
Creative Workshops Cartoon



This cartoon was part of a promotion to encourage people not to graffiti around the city but to channel their creative talents through workshops, which proved to be a great success where ideas and appreciation of work could be shared and enjoyed.