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It’s a great feeling to see your website come together, you’ve allocated £X budget and a great deal of your own time in getting it just how you want it. Now you’ve arrived at the ‘finish line’ and submitted it to be indexed by the big search engines. Unfortunately, looking great doesn’t get it found and now you’re struggling to find it yourself.

Unlike a printed brochure, websites are very much work in progress, so we advise that you incorporate SEO in to your main set up budget as it is a crucial element to achieving long term organic awareness.

Getting your website to a certain design stage and placing equal importance to SEO is the best way forward. Google encourages the development and growth of websites as opposed to websites that are launched and then not updated for long periods of time.

Make it easier and quicker for yourself and easier for your customers to find you.

Website and Email Hosting / Maintenance

In addition to the above SEO web services, we also offer website and email hosting with maintenance where we ensure that our client’s WordPress CMS, themes, security SSL certificates and plugins are kept up to date, plus client websites are regularly backedup. We also provide Domain Name sourcing and registration to get the best available.

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Even though our own SEO score for think blink‘s website is 100% (using *AIOSEO) and to achive that, we have ticked all relevant SEO boxes, it is also important to bear in mind the quality of content that is included within each of those boxes, which can make an even bigger difference to ranking on Google and others. Websites and SEO are always work in progress and the importance for each area, is equal to a sites success.

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