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Cartoon highlighting the extreme hot temperatures in the UK during July 2022

Cartoon Illustration

UK commercial cartoonist Chris Altham has been putting the fun into advertising since 1988. In addition to working as a graphic designer and creative marketer, Chris is able to bring a wealth of experience and skill to each project which has resulted in commissions from around the world.

Chris has generated work for the likes of Total, Chevron, Qatar Gas, Petro SA (these were energy maps for OPEC Conferences), Met Police and other UK police forces (crime prevention campaigns), Hodder Gibson Publishers (educational work books), Leidos Cyber Security (home / community security awareness), Ketchum London (two award winning global awareness campaigns to highlight symptoms of a certain type of cancer), many NHS trusts (mental and physical health awareness), BBC (internal training), HM Prisons (educational and training comic strips), Tektronix (product calendar) in addition to many other commercial, government and charity organisations.

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Cartoon for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

Complimenting the cartoons, think blink also generate short animated promotional videos and animated Gif icons for use in presentations, websites and social media marketing.

The above cartoons (and others) were generated to illustrate the progression of two wheeled self-propelled transportation.

Cartoons for an audio visual supplies company depicting problems that school teachers can relate too and client to connect with.

A big multiscene cartoon depicting the clients journey, activities, achievements and services.  Work was reproduced 10 foot in height for permanent display within a housing association’s HQ entrance.

This cartoon was one in a series of many illustrations to front crime prevention campaigns. Quite a number of police authorities and councils throughout the UK have used these cartoons with great success.

Short video to promote 5 star Google reviews.

This short animated video was used mainly for Facebook promotions, making people aware of the 5 Star Google Reviews for the mental health charity Changes. The video accompanied live text and links within the Facebook posts and received a great deal of organic reach.

This animated cartoon video was created in the very early days of the pandemic 2020. Changes mental health charity had until this point offered face-to-face services and not wanting to lose their vital service during lockdown, they transferred all of their meetings and other services to on-line. The Here4U campaign ran for two years.

The cartoon animated videos above are a great way to grown your organic people reach on social media and to bring life to your websites.  At blink, we can also generate animated gifs which again are a nice addition, bring attention and life to areas of your website and social media messages .

Characters generated for use by an Italian scooter hire company.

Character logo to promote school gardening clubs.

house burglary cartoon

This house burglary cartoon was for global technology, engineering and science company Leidos for their cybersecurity division. The cartoon was to highlight the tell tale signs criminals look out for when targeting a home to break-in.

peer support, group meeting, cartoon

This cartoon of a group meeting was originally generated to compliment marketing materials for peer-support group meetings. It is also ideal for use in depicting relaxed social or informal meetings within the workplace or school / college / university environments.

A double messaged slogan and campaign concept for mental health charity Changes Health & Wellbeing.

Short animated promo video to make those who’ve spent time and money on promoting themselves but not gained the desired responce, to try a new tack with think blink.

Can You Spot Lymphoma Football Cartoon Scene

This cartoon was the second of two scenes generated for a global campaign entitled ‘Can You Spot Lymphoma?’ The campaign won the prestigious Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Award for my global agency client at the PRCA 2008 awards. My mum who survived Hodgkins Lymphoma (diagnosed when she was pregnant with me) is illustrated top left, busy knitting 🙂

The illustrations below were generate for a building supplies group of companies and used on their website and within product brochures and presentations.

All work protected under copyright 2022 © Chris Altham. Should you wish to use any of the images or commission work, please email think blink.